Frequently Asked Questions

1. Multiwebpay: the system and its opportunities

What are the benefits of using the Multiwebpay System?
The Multiwebpay (MP) System is unique in its use. It was engineered to become a perfect Internet payment tool. When using the MP System, you are able to:
  • conduct money transfers between users;
  • accept payments in various internet business projects;
  • schedule recurring internet payments;
  • secure your funds in an electronic account while earning interest;
  • make payments for your online purchases of goods and services
  • conveniently store your crypto-currency value, no special wallet setup and no risk

What currencies are MP clients' funds stored in?

Any given client account is a multicurrency one. It is represented by only one currency:

  • USD

What opportunities does the MP system open for its clients?
MP provides a wide array of opportunities. You can find more information about them in the "Features" section.

How do I become a MP account holder?
In order to open a MP account, you need to complete the registration process.

2. Registration and account access

How do I register for an account?
To register a MP account you need to click the "Signup" button in the top portion of the MP home page and then enter your personal data.

What are the differences between a Personal and a Business account?
A Personal account is opened for an individual user.
A Business account is opened for a corporate entity.
A Exchanger account is opened for a exchanging purposes.

What are the differences between a Business and a Exchanger account?
Business accounts are privileged in terms of offered benefits which include a low 2% fee on balance transfers via bank as well as a priority treatment in all deposits and withdrawals of your account funds.Exchanger accounts are the most privileged type of accounts offering an increased level of trust to its holder and his/her business. Some of its unique features are a 1.5% fee on withdrawals via bank wire, a 1.5% fee for deposits initiated from a other payment system account and an 8% annual interest on the minimal account balance calculated monthly.

How do I upgrade to the VIP status?
In order to obtain the VIP status, you need to remain a MP account holder for not less than three months and make a deposit of US $50,000 or more into your MP account.

Why does the system show an error at the registration process?
This may occur because of a routine maintenance work on the site server. You would have to try again after several hours.

Why am I not receiving my account activation email?
It is possible that you have entered a wrong email address at the registration, or maybe your email spam filters need to be adjusted to receive automatically generated emails which are sent out at the end of any registration process. The delivery of your account activation information may also take up to several hours. If this is not the case, please register again using a different email address.

What do I do if the system does not recognize my password or I cannot remember it?
In such cases you need to reset your password.You need Security Question and Password to reset your password.

Can I hold several accounts for one IP address?
Yes, but all the accounts must have the same personal data.

What security measures do I need to follow while entering my account?
First of all, make sure that you have entered the proper URL in your browser address line: If possible, try to use the screen keypad as it will protect you from a possible personal data access and identity fraud by a spying software.Please remember that when you enter your account, you need to only enter your login, password and a Google authentication code that protects the site from robots.

3. Which is My Account ID

What account number shall I use to receive funds?
You need to use your login username or your registered e-mail address : "example: test123" for receive funds.

What is the Mass Payment and what can it be used for?
The Mass Payment is a function which was created for a convenient and organized way to send payment to multiple accounts within the system.You can use .txt, .csv file.

What is the difference between a single payment and a subscription payment?
A single payment is made just once; it is set for a certain amount and delivered instantly. A subscription payment is a function that allows transferring funds to a preset account on preset dates following a preset schedule.

Is it possible to cancel a completed payment transaction?
There is 7 days time that reciver can refund amount but any payment made by the sender cannot be canceled.

How can I send funds to a unregistered member?
In order to send money to a unregistered member, you need to specify the payment amount, and receiver E-mail address. Than that unregistered will get Payment notification on the e-mail, after reciver signup with MPAY, payment will automatically credited into account balance.

How can I send funds to an e-mail address?
Yes you can send for both registered or unregistered member.

What is the commission fee for an internal transfer?
To know the commission fee for the transaction you are about to make, you need to fill out the transaction form and then hit "Preview" to review the fee in a newly opened window.

4. Account Settings(Member Panel)

What is the purpose of the "Account Settings" section?
The "Account Settings" section will always welcome you once you have entered the client zone. Here you can edit your account details, change or add e-mail, change Primary and Secondary password, add Google Authentication and verification of your account.

5. My Documents(Member Panel)

What is the purpose of the "My Documents" section?
Here you can add Bank Accounts, Credit/Debit Cards, Browse transaction history, Report any abusing and Close Account.

6. Merchant Tools(Member Panel)

What is the purpose of the "Merchant Tools" section?
Here you can add Products on your Shop Store with our MPAY, Create Donation, Subscription and configure shop store and Mainly you can also set SCI and API of your MPAY account.

7. Payments Menu(Member Panel)

What is the purpose of the "Payments Menu" section?
Here you can send sigle payments AND mass payments, recharge your account with voucher code, add fund to your account, request money from other user, make withdrawal request and also setup ESCROW secured payment.

8. Other Menus(Member Panel)

What is the purpose of the "Other Menus" section?
With "Affiliate Details" you can view your affiliate link and affiliate %, with "Your Downline" you can check your referall downline, with "Get Floating Tools" you can put Our Merchant Verfied Floating Corner Button and with "Add site in Merchant List" you can add your website to our merchant list.

9. Exchange

Why do I can exchange MPAY currency?
Under the current conditions of the currency markets volatility the currency exchange rates can drastically change even throughout a given day. Exchanging currencies can bring you profits or help you preserve your savings.You can find exchanger list on our merchant list.

10. Deposit

Questions you might have while making a deposit into your account via other ecurrency

What do I need to do to make a deposit via other ecurrency?
First of all, you need to login to your account and from menu click Add Fund and you will have various option to make deposit on your account.

How long does a Deposit take?
Normally all deposit are instant, except Payza/Paypal it takes instant to few hours, as a security measures sometimes we review transaction than we processed it.

11. Withdrawal

Questions you might have while making a withdrawal of funds via other processor

How long does it take to get withdrawal?
Normally we process Withdrawal request within 1 business days.

What do I need to do if the money is not processed within 5 days from the moment the withdrawal was made?
Normally for Wire Transfer,Moneygram/Western Union transfers may take not more than 5 business days. If this is the case, you need to get in touch with our customer support center and notify it of the delay. It is possible that your withdrawal order contains a wrong account number and/or a misspelled recipient's name. That can be a reason for the facilator not being able to send you with the transferred amount.

12. Transaction Statement

Where to get "Transaction Statement" ?
To check Transaction history, you have to "My Documents" menu from there just click History.

13. Security

Google Authentication

How does the Google authentication work and its settings?
If you activate google authenticator,it will protect you from unautorized user/hacker.Everytime you need a random code to login MPAY account which will be configured on your smartphone.To activate Google authenticator you just need to click on "Account Settings" menu and from there ADD Google Authenticator.

I forget Google Authenticator code or smartphone lost.
Then you have to contact with our support to disable Google authenticator.

What is the percentage rate gained by the referrer from his/her referrals?
We pay out upto 0.1-3% rate from each referral's every transaction.

How frequent are the payouts on the referral program?

Where can I view the referral payouts?
From " Your Downline" menu.

Questions about API

How do I install API?
To install API on your site, you need to go to the "Merchant Tools" section and follow the installation instructions which will provide you with complete information on how to install API.

Why is API or SCI not working?
Please make sure that after installing API you did not forget to enable this function on in the "API" section on the bottom of the screen. If you cannot resolve the problem independently, please contact our customer support center.

How to adjust IP-mask of API?
You can do that in the "API" section .