MultiWebPay International MasterCard/Visa Card IS HERE !

Our MultiWebPay branded MasterCard/Visa is now available to all Bank Verified Members! You've waited a long time, and it has been worth it! Our INTL Master/Visa Card is an UNLIMITED executive level card that can be used wherever Master/Visa Card is accepted.
The card is not only a re-loadable, full featured debit card, it is connected to your own offshore bank account - FREE with the purchase of the card! Your private account is created when your card application is approved.

MultiWebPay debit card

Features & Benefits

  • Pay as you go - YOU are in control of all your spending
  • NO credit check required; photo ID and address verification only
  • use online for convenient, secure transactions
  • the lowest available fees for this product type (card/bank account combination)!
  • load the card quickly and easily from your MultiWeb Pay account
  • instant Card to Card transfers to other cardholders - perfect for sharing with family and business associates


  • Regular Card purchase cost: $45 includes activation & registration fees
  • Pre-Loaded balance : $10 Card Balance
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $3.00
  • Card to card transfer fee: $1.50
  • POS (point of sale) fee: 1% of purchase price to a maximum of $10
  • Maximum daily ATM withdrawal: $5000
  • Maximum monthly card balance: NO LIMIT
  • Load from your MultiWebPay balance: $5.00 up to $25000, $5.00 + 1.5% up to maximum $15 maximum daily load: $50000

Identity Verification Documents Required

Even though you have already submitted documents to MultiWebPay, the underwriting bank requires recent, unaltered, new copies for their files. Our privacy policy does not allow us to share any of your personal information with 3rd parties without your permission. By sending new documents below, you are agreeing to give us permission to share them with the card provider.You need to login on member area to apply for the virtual card.

Click 'CHOOSE FILE' to upload your saved documents, then select 'SEND DOCUMENTS' to submit.

Only 2 documents are required:

  1. Photo ID passports ONLY can be accepted.
  2. A bill, statement or invoice clearly showing your name and EXACT ADDRESS dated within the past 3 months

Allowed file formats are JPG, TIFF, GIF or PDF only. Maximum 1.5 Mb per document; maximum file name length is 255 characters. File name cannot have any foreign characters; English only please.